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At the heart of Beautiful Hats is Claire Powell’s unyielding passion for vibrant colours and impeccable design. Claire firmly believes that a product should not only serve its purpose but also be a thing of beauty.


Established by the visionary Claire Powell in 2023, Beautiful Hats is set to grace the Australian market from 2024. With a business acumen honed over 45 years, Claire has consistently centred her enterprises on crafting products that not only cater to demand but are deeply cherished by those who possess them.


The entrepreneurial journey began for Claire in New Zealand when she started her Interior Design business dedicated to serving a high-end international clientele before she relocated to Australia in 1997.


In no time, she carved a niche in the surf industry, introducing the iconic Claire Powell flip-flops. Adorned in shimmering hues of pink, blue, and white, they became an instant rage among teenagers. So much so that they weren’t just flip flops; they were fondly dubbed “Claire Powells.”


In 2007, Claire expanded her horizons by entering the fashion world, introducing a beachwear line that entered the esteemed David Jones beachwear department. With an innovative flair, Claire soon transitioned to digital printing, pivoting towards the baby boomer clothing segment. Her creations, loved by many, found homes in boutiques across Australia, resonating with women who sought comfort and style.


With Beautiful Hats, Claire envisions an even broader horizon. She dreams of adorning heads of all ages, from the soft scalps of babies and curious toddlers to the wise crowns of adults. Because every age deserves a touch of beauty, and with Beautiful Hats, Claire intends to deliver just that.

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